Transcription for students researchers : Help available

Transcription for stutranscription for students reserachersdents researchers – Need help to transcribe research interviews? You have completed your research interviews and are looking for to analysing them ready to write up your findings chapter. There is just one problem. All the interviews need to be accurately transcribed before they can be analysed. Transcribing is a painstaking task and if you are not used to doing it it can go very very slowly. You may simply not have enough time.

If English is not your first language then accurately transcribing your interviews can be almost impossible.

This is why many students and researchers decide to let somebody else do this task for them; someone who is experienced and understands the needs of academic research.

Types of transcription

There are two main types of transcribing for research interviews. The most popular one is the focused transcription . Here the ‘umms’ and ‘errrs’ and other utterances and/or pauses of no consequence are edit out leaving only what you need for your analysis.  Occasionally researchers prefer a ‘naturalistic’ transcription which leaves everything in. If you are going to use software such as NVivo or Microsoft Word to analyse your transcriptions it is recommended that you choose the focused type.

If you have digitally video recorded your interviews these can also be transcribed with or without body language notations. However, because of the size of the files you will have to post the media (memory stick/ DVDs etc.).

If you have conducted interviews for your qualitative research study and have recorded them, we can do the transcription for you. If you have digital audio files you can upload them to our Dropbox or email them. If you have used a non-digital recorder then you can post your audio tapes through. Just email us and we will supply address details.

Standard transcription rate £1.95 per minute

All transcripts are professionally proofread before being returned to you.

Because this is transcription for students researchers your files will then be ready for NVivo analysis (or other application) which we can also do for you if you require help. Contact me today and we can discuss your requirements.