Tracking and Comments

Tracking and Comments

Proofreading and editing – A Guide to Using Track Changes

When Written English returns your work to you, we will have used the track changes function within MS Word.

Your proof reader/ editor will have corrected any spelling or grammatical errors in your work. Track changes will show what has been changed usually highlighted in red, so you can accept or reject these changes as you wish.

Please see the example below.


Track changes will be active when you open your returned document. Select the Review tab at the top of the screen. You can choose whether to accept or reject each change individually. To do this, you should click on the dropdown arrow next to ‘Accept’ and then click either ‘Accept and move to next’ or ‘Reject and move to next’.

As you work through the document, accepting and rejection the corrections, Track changes will remove the red text and highlight the next correction.

Alternatively, you could click on Accept and then select Accept all changes. This will accept all the changes in one click.

In some instances, your proof reader may wish to comment upon your work, without necessarily making any corrections. For example, if the sentence structure is confused or if it is not clear what you are trying to say. In these circumstances they may choose to insert a comment:

2016-07-06 (1)

You will need to delete any comments once you are satisfied you have taken them on board. To do this, click on the drop down arrow under ‘Delete’ on the toolbar and then select ‘delete’. This will remove the comment which is currently highlighted. In these circumstances Track Changes will not make any alterations to the text. If you wish to edit the text you must do so manually, as you would in any Word Document. Do not submit a document with tracking or comments to your university!

When you have finished checking the document, remember to turn off Track Changes by clicking the ‘Track Changes’ icon on the toolbar. You may wish to save both your fully corrected document and a copy of the document containing the tracked changes for future reference.