Prices for proofreading

Prices for proofreading

You can use our instant quote page to get an exact quote on what your work will cost. The price depends on a few things.

  • Number of words
  • How quick you want it back
  • Which way you will back (Bank transfer/ PayPal/ Western Union)

But if you are not sure of these details yet then here are some examples.

2,000 words wanted back in 5 days paid by bank transfer – £21.90

10,000 words wanted back in 48 hrs paid by PayPal – £124.67

5,000 words wanted back in 24 hrs paid by PayPal – £68

15,000 words wanted back in 72 hrs paid by Bank transfer – £164.25

Non- UK payments via PayPal are charged in US$

If you are unsure or you would like someone to take a look at your file and give you a quote then email us today!