I need help with my dissertation : Can you help?

I need help with my dissertation : Can you help?

I need help with my dissertation : Can you help?

Many of the emails I receive from students start ‘ I need help with my dissertation …’. The kind of help requested varies a lot. My main services are editing, proofreading, writing, data analysis, transcription and questionnaire / interview design. I have help 100s of students and researchers with these services.

Some need inspiration for choosing a topic, others ask for help writing their proposal. Once the Masters has begun and it is time to start writing the document my clients ask for help with their literature review. Searching through academic databases and reading through the relevant literature is very time consuming; writing it up into a dissertation chapter can be even more challenging. My clients normally collect their own data but some have asked me to design questionnaires and interview schedules. I also help them conduct online surveys, for example on Surveymonkey.

Helping analyse your data

When the data is collected I can help them analyse it with SPSS for quantitative data and NVivo for qualitative data and also help transcribing all the data from audio files. Once the analysis is complete I can help with the results/ findings chapter. With that chapter done it will be time to start discussing your results/ findings which means connecting them to the existing literature. How do your results compare with others what originality can be found in your study or have you confirmed an existing theory.

I always recommend that the introduction and conclusion are written together – they are like two bookends and they need to match closely – one will tell the reader what they are about to read and the other summarises.

So there we are we have worked together chapter by chapter and now you are ready to submit and get the result you deserve.

For those who have to resubmit

For some people who did not use my service they get the sad news that they have to resubmit their dissertation to try to get a pass. I can help here too. Just send the dissertation through with the comments and I will make sure you get that pass.

OK I need help with my dissertation – so what do I do now?

Just get in contact and let me know what stage you are at with your dissertation. Form proposal to final submission I can be with you all the way. You can email me here or you can call me on 07562 124635