Help write my Masters dissertation

Help write my Masters dissertation

Help write my Masters dissertation

Who can help write my Masters Dissertation?

If you have arrived at this page you are probably considering getting some help with the writing of your Masters dissertation. If you take a few minutes to consider my service I will explain how I can help you. The first thing to say is that this is a very different type of help than those custom essay websites offer. I normally work with my clients right through their Masters from proposal to final submission, chapter by chapter advising them on how to meet their supervisor’s requirements and even making suggestions on how to handle the next supervision meeting. You can also pay chapter by chapter spreading the cost across the academic year.

There are many reasons why I am asked to help with dissertation writing – here are just a few:

  • English not first language
  • Need to revise for exams
  • Pressures of your job
  • Difficulties with research and writing
  • Left things too late to do yourself
  • Need to ensure a high grade
  • Poor health

Whatever your reason I would be delighted to help you towards academic success.

There are many websites offering to help you with your dissertation. A lot of these are marketing websites who receive your enquiry and payment then send the work out around the world for someone else to do. Written English is my own website and I complete all the work for all my clients. This enables me to guarantee that the service is 100% confidential. I have been writing dissertations and theses for 8 years, I am also a qualified English teacher and a former academic tutor at an international business school.

Here are the main features of my dissertation writing service:

  • High quality academic writing by qualified English teacher and experienced academic writer
  • Deal direct with the writer throughout the work not through a third party website
  • Help with your supervisors requirements
  • Payment chapter by chapter
  • Editing, paraphrasing and proofreading also available
  • Free Writecheck/ Turnitin report to show originality
  • Save 20% as no VAT needs to be applied
  • All subjects covered
  • Fully confidential service
  • Appropriate number of sources used all properly cited and referenced
  • 100% success rate
  • Access to all academic journal databases
What does it cost?

The standard cost for writing a dissertation includes the research, a free abstract and a free Turnitin report. Writing is charged at the rate of £89.95 per 1000 words. You don’t need to pay everything in one go – chapter by chapter is fine.

Note: I have seen lower prices on some marketing agency websites. The reason they are cheaper is often because the work is sent out to low wage economies such as India for completion. If you look at these websites you can see that the English in the website itself is appalling and if writing like that was submitted for marking it would fail. Also they offer no ongoing support and guidance through your Masters – you just get a document written by someone you will never have contact with.

What should I do next?

The next step is to get in contact with me – best to start my emailing me and then we can arrange a time to talk by phone or Skype. I am also on WhatsApp.