Help with SPSS analysis

Help with SPSS analysis

If you are using quantitative data in your dissertation or thesis then at some point you will need to analyse the data you have collected using SPSS. Dealing with data in this SPSS analysis - help is here!application is quite a specialised task and as this could be the only time you will use it in your lives many students and researchers prefer to have it done for them by an experienced user.

Having your data processed and tables and graphs created by us is low cost, fast and produces reliable results. We can help you right from the start of the process by designing your questionnaire for you so that you collect the right data you need to answer your research questions. We’ll give you an Excel spreadsheet to enter your data and when your ready you can send it to us for analysis. Simply let us know what type of analysis you need and how many graphs and tables etc. then we will let you know the fee. You won’t have to wait long for your results as we aim to complete all tasks within 72 hrs and can even arrange to do it faster than that.

So if you need help with your quantitative research then contact us today!

Help with SPSS



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