Help with PhD application & research proposal

Help with PhD application & research proposal

When it is time to apply for a PhD research programme many people soon realise that it is not a simple task – especially if your first language is not English.

An application can require several different pieces of writing: a research proposal, personal statements, skills and training, motivation to study etc. We can help you with all of these.

Many people have their applications rejected because they do not understand how the process works. Some send a quantitative research proposal to a school that specialises in qualitative research or vice versa – we will make sure this does not happen. We have successfully helped many candidates from all over the world start the research programme they want by making sure that their research proposal matches the specialities of the research school they are applying to. Whatever PhD programme you are interested in we can help.

Example fees.

Personal statements

500 words – £45

Research proposals

1500 words – £142.50

3000 words – £285

5000 words – £475

The first thing to do is to decide what general area of research you are interested in then send us an email and let us know your plans. You will deal directly with the person who will help you right up until your application is submitted.

So email us today or call Glenn on 07927 003290