Editing for international students

Editing for international students

Paraphrasing is an art and a difficult one at that. For those who are trying to paraphrase in a language that is not their native tongue it is virtually impossible. So what is the answer?


International students often find that despite achieving the IELTS score their university requested once they have begun their studies they find that they lose marks on their assignments because of mistakes in their written English. Sometimes they have to resubmit because they have not been able to paraphrase their sources well enough meaning that they show a high plagiarism percentage.

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It’s not cheap to come to the UK to study so it must be very frustrating that you may not get the grade you deserve even when you have the right IELTS score. The problem is that rewriting sentences published in another source is extremely difficult even for most native speakers.

I am a Cambridge certified English teacher and I have twenty years experience in magazine publishing, so working with words is basically what my working life has been about. One of the skills I have developed is the ability to rewrite/ paraphrase texts. Students regularly send me essays and other assignments that they feel may show a high level of plagiarism. My editing is fast and effective and starts with a plagiarism check to see what the percentage is before I get to work. Essays which start out as high 50% plagiarised are returned with an acceptable level of between 5% and 15% along with another plagiarism report to show this. The student gets the grade they deserve and does not have the stress and worry that they will get in serious trouble.

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