Dissertation Paraphrasing and Rewriting help

Dissertation Paraphrasing and Rewriting help

Dissertation Paraphrasing and Rewriting help

Worried about plagiarism?

ALow cost great resultsll around the world students are now preparing their dissertation, hoping to get the best grade possible, but many are finding it a big challenge and some may be worried about plagiarism problems and need help paraphrasing and rewriting. Don’t worry help is here! A professional can paraphrase the parts of your dissertation which may give you problems on Turnitin. I can rewrite these paragraphs and so reduce your Turnitin percentage to a safe level. Of course, your paper will also be returned in perfect English with all the grammar, vocabulary and spelling errors removed (as you would expect from a Cambridge certified English teacher and highly experienced academic writer).

The fee depends on how much plagiarism is in the paper and how much it needs to be reduced. Send your file through and I will give you a precise price.

  • Deal direct with the person doing your work (Me)
  • Low Fees
  • Guaranteed Result
  • Free Turnitin/Writecheck report
  • Free proofreading
  • Urgent jobs no problem

To give your paper the best possible chance of getting the grade you want and avoid any potential problems with plagiarism get the help of an experienced professional who has already helped hundreds of ambitious students achieve their goals. Your paper will be returned to you within the agreed deadlines with an originality report to check for plagiarism and to avoid any nasty surprises when your university checks it.

Here is an example I prepared using a paragraph from ‘Social Research Methods’ by Alan Bryman.


Simply go to the contact page and email me today, if it is ready you can attach your paper. I will get straight back to you letting you know how I can help you. If you have a plagiarism problem please let me know and send your turnitin report if you have it. My service is fast, reliable and 100% confidential. Take a look at what my clients have said about the service here.