Avoid Plagiarism Problems

Avoid Plagiarism Problems

Completing your coursework assignments is a major challenge if English is not your first language. You know what you want to say in your own language but how to you put the same point across in English. You have read and understood an important source but how do you paraphrase it properly? If you don’t you could be in trouble for plagiarism.

Plagiarism, a word students worry about more than any other. If your supervisor feels the writing in your assignment may not be your own then he or she may use the Universities account with Turnitin to check your file. If it shows a high level, perhaps over 20% then you may well have a serious problem. If you are lucky your supervisor may give you a chance to rewrite and resubmit the assignment but in many cases the university could start disciplinary proceedings straight away.

The penalties for plagiarism can be heavy. You may be failed for that academic year and have to retake it or be expelled altogether from the institution. For students in the UK on a student visa the situation is even more complicated. Plagiarism can lead to loss of student status and possible deportation!

If all this sounds gloomy then let’s be positive. There is no reason to take these risks. Your assignments can be checked before you they are submitted and any problems can be put right well before your deadline. Let’s have a look at this short video to see how this works.

Ok well that is the fast and reliable service that I offer. Take the risk out of your writing and the worry from your coursework. Send your coursework today and I will get straight back to you with details of the fee and how long it will take.

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