Academic proofreading for students and researchers

Academic proofreading for students and researchers

Academic proofreading for students and researchers

Don’t submit your work before having it proofread! Effective proofreading will make sure you don’t lose marks because of bad grammar, poor vocabulary, spelling, punctuation etc. If you are writing in English and English is not your first language then getting help is absolutely essential.

Proofreading is usually the last step before finally submitting your work. Make sure you leave enough time for this important step.  According to universities, effective proofreading can add 10% to your mark. For international students it can prevent a fail. I  have helped 100s of students, researchers and businesses by proofreading all kinds of texts. If it is written in English, I can fix it!

I have been proofreading for literally decades and I am a fully qualified English teacher so I can spot those grammatical errors that others may miss.

My proofreading service includes the following:proofreading

  • Correction of grammar
  • Correction of spelling and punctuation
  • Improvement of sentence flow
  • Correction of mistakes in citations
  • Improvement of  vocabulary
  • Replacement of bad syntax
  • Formatting of headings/ subheadings

The track changes feature in Microsoft Word will be used so that you can see all the improvements and then choose whether to accept them, this can be done with one click.

If you want a quote for your document click here. Prices start at £9.95 per 1000 words and urgent tasks are no problem at all.

Do I need proofreading or editing?

Sometimes your text may need more than proofreading. We have a full editing service for clients whose work needs more time spent on it to get them the result they are looking for. Editing includes proofreading but also ensures that your work is well-organized, the transitions between paragraphs are smooth, and your evidence really backs up your argument.   More…..